Life on Vancouver Island | Pt. 1

Hello friends, we meet again.

I missed posting last week because I was exploring Golden, Emerald Lake, Lake Louise and Kelowna in BC. I haven’t gotten the chance yet, but I am extremely excited to go through all those photos and share them with you.

The topic of todays post is how life is going so far being an island dweller. Honestly its pretty cool I must say, it’s the first time I ever seen a palm tree in Canada. I know right, just shocking! Who would have thought you can actually see native palm trees in Canada?! Definitely not me!

The first two weeks after arriving on the island were set up weeks. I moved across Canada with just myself, my doggo and anything that could fit into my rav4. Surprisingly a lot could fit in there including a whole set of winter tires and a queen mattress! I built everything I bought furniture wise in my apartment. Safe to say my arms got a good workout that week with all the building and hauling everything up alone! Luckily, I had a good helper to build everything with me; her main tool used was her squeaky ball.

Also, you don’t quite realize what you need right away when moving into a new place with nothing until you go to shower and you have no curtain or towel! Had to make a quick pop into the store to get a few necessities … including toilet paper of course. Pro tip: bring a roll of tp with you when you move into a new place in case they left it bare!

I have also seen an abundance of these vans driving around. In a way, it makes me want to exchange my rav4 for one. I feel like they are wonderful adventure vehicles and being out here just makes me want to explore 24/7. Before this move actually, I was contemplating for a good 6 months whether I should move somewhere new or just redo a van like that, make it into a camper van and tour around Canada. Either way it would have been a fresh start. For now I chose a studio apartment, but only time will tell if we stay or if Little Miss Nugget and I start a tour around Canada in a van!

I have also picked up a new hobby since moving here. That hobby is chasing sunsets. I have found quite a few good spots to either walk and watch the sunset, or sit there with nugget on a blanket. Take ourselves on a little date if you would. Watching the sunset and listening to the ocean in the background has to be one of the most relaxing ways to end any day.

The weather here has also been stunning, besides the massive heat wave we had for 4-5 days! It sits usually in the low 20s with a clear blue sky everyday so the sunsets, and I am sure sunrises too, are phenomenal. I have to get my lazy butt up earlier so that I can enjoy some sunrises too!

There are also endless beaches to explore here, so say tuned for lots of photo content and beach days. You gotta have a good work life balance eh, get out and enjoy your surroundings even if they aren’t your favourite! Find the little nooks and crannies you love.

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Life on Vancouver Island | Pt. 1

  1. Hey Phoenix,

    Very nice to see that you’re getting out there and experiencing everything that your surroundings have to offer. Never stop learning and exploring, as you never know what’s around that next corner. Many people allow themselves to fall into a rut and never embrace what life has to offer. I don’t see that happening to you.

    Keep the blogs coming, thanks.


  2. It sounds like the move is treating you well! Your pictures so far are great and I can’t wait to see more.
    My husband and I originally planned our honeymoon on Vancouver Island but covid stopped those plans. Once it is safe we would love to get up there!

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    1. The move has been great so far! Definitely a lot more photos to come that aren’t taken off my old (and slowly dying) iphone! haha You should take a trip out here when you guys can. It is absolutely beautiful and very different from the rest of Canada!

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