Kharizma’s 4th Birthday

Hello friends! Here is a post from a photoshoot I have recently done. Sorry I have been away for a while, life got really busy. I will be writing a life update post soon to fill you all in! I hope you enjoy this short story and some photos!

Phoenix Ray Photography

Well it was a cloudy Monday afternoon and I for sure thought we could get rained out. I was so excited for this photoshoot too, so when the rain held off you could say I was pretty excited.

This photoshoot involved a mother and a daughter. She was getting photos done for her fourth birthday – and yes she was wearing a princess dress and a tiara. Absolutely stunning and cute as a button little model I had to work with.

The camera captured all of her emotions, which is one of the reasons why I love working with children. They show it all and hide nothing! If they are flustered for a minute or two it shows and they will stare right at you to make sure you see it.

Mel and Kharizma were amazing to work with. I had so much fun this afternoon shooting with them and…

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