Little Miss Nugget Turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday Nugget!

On the car ride home!

Today is Little Miss Nugget’s first birthday! Oh my goodness where has the time gone. It feels like I just got her but at the same time like I have had her forever. It is so difficult to imagine my life without my furball-sidekick right there next to me. She is always happy to see me, even if I leave the house for one minute to take the garbage out; just a ball of excitement anytime I walk through any door.

First afternoon I had her
She is a little pillow thief FYI

She knows when I am sad or anxious and acts completely different than her energetic puppy self. I noticed this trait in her when she was just a wee little lad. Always able to sense how I am doing and she does whatever she can to make me smile if I am having a kinda crap day.

I have had dogs my entire life and always loved animals. However, those were always family dogs. Nugget is my puppers and we are like peanut butter and jam – inseparable.

up to greet mom after a few drinks 🍷

If you don’t have a dog and want one – get one. It will be the best decision you make guaranteed. Nugget was an impulse purchase and I have never regretted it one bit. As long as you have a great heart, patience, and a few bucks in your savings account for them – you can’t go wrong.

I love you Little Miss Nugget. You are the best fur friend a human could ask for – I feel like I hit the jack pot. Super intelligent, athletic, hypoallergenic, cuddly, loving, and protective yet playful.

Well I just wanted to wish my baby a happy birthday, she will be super excited to get a rawhide as a present tonight! I hope you enjoyed the photos of Nugget throughout this past year – I could have added so many more, but I will save them for another time. She truly has such a unique personality compared to any dog I have met, anyone who has met her can vouch for that.

She sits like a little human all by herself – this was after a fresh haircut hence the fancy bandana

Nuggs you have the whole pup package – never change. ♥️ 🐾

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Little Miss Nugget Turns 1

  1. Hi Phoenix.

    Like yourself, I’ve had dogs all my life. They’re the absolute best and it’s obvious that they’re totally devoted to their master. I say master since they are the ultimate pack animal and need and appreciate a master. Anyways, I know that my life would not have been as full if I was raised without dogs. I love hearing your stories because I can totally relate.

    Anyways, keep them coming, as well as the super cute pics.


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  2. Puppies are so adorable, so full of energy, and entertaining (along with a lot of work). However, once they grow up they are totally faithful companions. Love my 2 older dogs.

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