In your 20’s and thriving?

So here I am, yet again, talking to a computer screen. I feel like this is how most of us communicate these days. And by all means, there is nothing wrong with communicating this way – it is what the world has become. Now bare with me here because this is just a word vomit post.

To aid in this online life, most peoples views come from all of our favourite social medias: instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. Everyones life online seems to be perfect. No one has any struggles – or at least if they do it is not openly shared. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some exceptions, but the majority of everyone seems to have a perfect life.

I feel like this would be especially hard for individuals with young kids who are brought up with all this social media around them. They are going to expect perfection and for everything to work out according to plan – spoiler alert: nothing works out according to plan. When I was in high school I most certainly pictured myself being somewhere else in life in my mid 20s then where I am right now. There is nothing wrong with that though. I now feel like if my life did not happen completely different then I imagined when I was younger I would not have grown into who I am today. Strong, independent, care free, and finds humour in everything – that is one of my keys to a great life. Gotta always laugh it out. May not be the day you go through shit that you laugh about it, but eventually you’ll find the humour in everything. If you aren’t laughing everyday are you even living?

Smiles are contagious (bad word choice during this time? lol) so spread them!

As I sit here typing, I still have no clue exactly what my end goals in life are or how I will reach them, but you best believe that I am writing down ideas and thinking about what makes my heart truly happy. I don’t think it is ever too late to try to reach your dreams or do something that scares you in order to grow.

Just know, we are all lost to a certain extent and that is ok. Life is full of surprises. Go down your path with an open mind and heart and be ready to embrace anything thrown your way.

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “In your 20’s and thriving?

  1. Great post Phoenix. I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head regarding how too many people get their daily fill of “news” which then forms their world view. Unfortunately, social media is in no way real journalism. There’s no research with independent verification, no vetting and there is alway bias with social media. Very importantly, with AI these days, your social media feed eventually sends you info that you mostly agree with. Wow, how dangerous is that in a democracy! It is a poison in today’s fact starved world and it’s doing a hell of a lot of damage. Just look at the increase in social division in many so called first world countries as well as the recently elected “leadership” 😂, if you need more evidence.

    Sorry, that was just my own personal rant. Sure shows
    how thought provoking this post is. Anyways, social
    media is ok for staying in touch with people as long as you can filter out the perfect life nonsense, but it’s about the worst place in the world to obtain anything resembling real news.

    And, I do agree with taking time to figure out ones path in life. It’s only by getting out there and trying that you’ll discover amazing things that you’d never even dreamt of.

    Keep these great post coming, thanks.

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  2. Twisted thoughts here. Are you really happy or are you disappointed? Self isolation give us a lot of time on our hands to self-reflect and that might not be a good thing if one is struggling. Following your posts I know you have had a lot of changes in the last while. I hope you see how you are moving forward even though you may not be where you want to be. I like that you don’t pretend. Please keep posting.

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    1. 100% twisted thoughts. Its a tough time for most people – I am quite happy with where i am and what I have done with this “extra” time if you will given to us. We all go through ups and downs in isolation but hopefully we all come out stronger!

      Only raw and real posts on this page 😉


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