Goodbye Winter

Well I hope that this is it. I hope we don’t see more snow until Christmas time, but I live in Canada so you never know when the next white stuff will fall from the sky.

Honestly though, I enjoy living in a place where I get to experience all of the seasons instead of it just being hot all the time. Don’t get me wrong – I do love the sunny summer heat, but I like to bundle up as well. When a new season starts its refreshing in my opinion. On my recent walks I have noticed all the buds starting to come out and my arms have even started to tan from the last couple nice days. Today we are back to being a little chilly though so definitely wearing a jacket on todays adventure!

I wanted to get this post up to share a few of my last wintery pictures for a while – obviously if it snows again there will be more!

I hope you are all doing well. I know somethings are starting to open back up meaning that some of us will be starting work again. I am most likely starting back up working more regularly this week. It will be a big adjustment no doubt, but life has to go back to “normal” eventually. Whatever normal even is anymore.

How is the weather where you guys live? Any snow or full spring vibes?

Until next time,


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter

  1. The geese photos are very beautiful. We are currently in Prague, Czech Republic waiting for the borders to reopen so we can continue on our travels.
    It has been a most glorious spring here, with everything blooming and sunny, warm days. And then, boom, rain and cold, windy day yesterday. We about froze going to the Zoo. Well, if the Zoo has reopened that means things are going back to normal, right?

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