April Recap 2020|Quarantine Edition

Well what can I say, April has not been a normal or trouble-free month.

In a sense, I feel like mother nature has had it with us humans on Earth. Currently in a pandemic intertwined with global climate change that is taking a toll on multiple places around the world. Displacing people who are already dealing with enough as it is – heartbreaking. However, there has been signs of the health of Earths environment in general improving since humans are less active. Now, once we resume “normal” lifestyles (no idea what that will entail to be honest) I wonder if anyone will actually remember that when we were nicer to the environment, it improved a bit. I do understand how people are acting right now is not how we normally would and a debate is also going on in my head. On one side, we aren’t travelling as much which shows that just by everyone cutting back on a bit of emissions we can make a positive change; but then on the other side, more people are shopping online and ordering take out which produces a lot of waste. One thing that is frustrating to me is that every-time I grocery shop I have to purchase plastic bags instead of using my own reusable ones. I understand the stores do not want you bringing personal bags in, but that does not mean it sits well with me.

Now you may completely disagree with me on that previous blurb, which is totally fine. I just needed to get my thoughts onto electronic “paper” and out of my head.

Little Miss Nugget and myself have been doing overall ok with self isolation, although I must say it is different. Initially it was questionable and weird, but now if you think about our current lifestyle, it is still quite odd because acting this way is the new norm. Who knows how long this will last either. I know Canada is doing ok with flattening the curve apparently, but so many other countries are still struggling. When will we be able to travel again? When will we be able to go meet friends for a drink in a bar instead of drinking boxed wine on your couch with only your puppers for a chatting buddy? All I know is that I don’t have any of the answers – do you?

Any-who, the month of April. Hmm how do I put it – not conventional. I am lucky because I am still employed, but I have been moved to part time and to pay myself for that part time work (which is currently non-existent) I have had to use my banked and vacation time. This also means I do not qualify for any financial aid even though my salary has been cut in half, which is brutal when you have bills to pay and you also like to eat once in a while. But hey, I still have a job so I try to see things positively.

To keep busy with working (but not really working – being on “vacation”) I have been reading a lot (like A LOT), watching a decent amount of Netflix, cooking, going on long long walks to get some fresh air, puzzles, and even working out when I feel up to it. I have also started to regularly stretch and kind of meditate if you will. I am no expert but dipping my toes into something new for me while I have lots of free time. On another note though, there are some mornings where no motivation is there. I feel like everyone has these days especially during this time. I also find it particularly difficult because I live in a basement meaning I barley get any natural light into my living area. To accompany my new healthy practices I have decided to dive deep into myself and try and find what I want out of life. Am I truly happy? What do I want in a future career? What do I really value? Do I have goals and aspirations and if I do are they reasonable – you best believe if all your goals seem reasonable to everyone you are not setting them high enough.

Lots of soul searching as the free spirited peeps would say. I am definitely getting in touch with my inner self and it feels fantastic. I cannot wait to see what the far future holds. Hopefully, as a world we can learn from this pandemic and build each other up rather than constantly fight and tear each other down. Only time will tell.

How are all you guys doing? How is quarantine treating you and what have you been doing to keep yourselves busy?

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “April Recap 2020|Quarantine Edition

  1. Great observations Phoenix. Yes this virus thing has certainly created a lot of upheaval in people’s lives, but it has also helped with personal growth. All in all, we’ll get through this, so we all need to try to come out the other side a bit better than we were before.

    Keep the posts coming and I also am annoyed at not being allowed to bring my own reusable bags into the stores. I’ve overcome this by bringing my cart out to the car and I do the bagging there. A bit of a pain, but I feel that it helps in my own way.

    Happy isolating.

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  2. That’s what I’ve been doing too Phoenix. Another upside is that I k ow my own reusable boxes are fairly safe as they have been stuck home with me. I also leave them outside as I carry my groceries and wash them. Yes I am that pandemic person who washes all of her groceries before putting them away. Let’s just say doing groceries has grown in effort significantly.

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