A True Canadian Ice Bath

Who does not love an ice bath? Let alone a natural ice bath!

Little miss Nugget and I went on a snowy spring walk a couple weeks ago now and seen these lovely duckies bathing themselves in the open, ice free part of the pond! Now I could only imagine how cold that water must have been, but obviously it felt quite nice to them.

The snowfall was fresh, fluffy and still coming down a bit. Now I bet you might be thinking – do you just take your camera on all your walks? Nah I usually do not, but sometimes I do. However, this time I had to walk back home and get it. I was hoping they would still be there once I returned. Thankfully they were and Nugget was super excited to be going out again once she realized we were heading back out for walk two of the afternoon. You could only imagine how excited an 11 month old puppy would be; it was like she forgot we already went on one.

Little side note: if you want a peaceful walk during this weird covid time where everyone who never goes on walks is going on 8 walks a day, go when its rainy or snowing – way less people out!

Anyways, I am sure the ducks realized we were there, but it took Nugget a while to clue in to why I had her sitting there beside me. Even before she spotted the action in the pond, she was on full puppy guard duty. Leaning against my leg with her butt and on the lookout for whatever may be coming our way. Once she spotted the duo in the pond, her eyes were fixed on them. She did not bark at all – probably because I made it clear that she could not – but she would be ready if one of them were to attack and she had to wrestle one down.

We watched the duck duo for probably a good 20 minutes or so. Just hanging out in the walking trail. No one passed us or disturbed the duckies so it was a successful photoshoot I would say! I did not think I could take unlimited pictures of two ducks taking a bath – I was wrong – I 100% can and will if given the opportunity to do so.

Morals of the post are as follows:

  • Take walks during the “bad” weather and you may just find a few natural gems
  • If you see something beautiful – take a picture of it
  • Be grateful you do not have to take a bath with ice chunks floating by

Hope you are all staying sane and safe!

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “A True Canadian Ice Bath

  1. Nice blog Phoenix. Always a joy to see nature’s creatures relaxing and enjoying their habitat, us humans should learn from that.

    Keep them coming, thanks.


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  2. Very nice, Phoenix! That was a great story too. Thank you for the great duck pictures. They really do look like they are having a great time. Good advice as well. Thanks again, and stay safe – but keep taking photos and writing.

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  3. WOW! These images are absolutely amazing! I love the moral behind the pictures as well. I always have my camera out taking pictures of things, not only does it create memories, but gives you a little reminder of how beautiful life is! Have an amazing day!

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