Frozen Pup Paws

Hello friends,

Todays post is brought to you by little miss Nugget.

We had a snowy Monday last week and went on quite the adventure. She loved every second of it and in return got some snowy paws! The snow sticks to her fur in clumps, however her pads were snow free and sweaty on the walk!

Does snow cling to your pups or does their fur repel it? Let me know down below!

Stay safe on your adventures out there right now, but do go out and get some fresh air if you can!

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Frozen Pup Paws

      1. Bear just flops down in it and then looks proud of himself while I try to figure out how to clean him up before putting him in the car.


  1. One of our dogs can walk through anything and a few minutes later, her fur is perfectly clean. The other one though, looks like a mud soaked mop. Absolutely everything sticks to her. Gotta keep her shaved down when possible. Totally opposite and wonderful mutts 😊

    Keep the posts coming. Lots of us love reading them.

    Stay safe out there.

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