Nature for the Soul

Do you ever just stop and smell the flowers?

This is a rhetorical question of course, for those of us that live in a climate where flowers can’t grow all year round. I mean – do you ever take a second in your day to just appreciate your surroundings?

Especially when you are out in nature?

Now I understand that yes, some of us have desk jobs – I can’t really appreciate some grass outside when I am literally sitting in a concrete block for 8 hours a day. (when I say literally I meant it – my office has terrible service cause its a concrete block with window cut outs – yes it looks modern, but still) However, what I can do, is appreciate nature when I am outside. To me though, this has always come naturally. I have always been a nature feen.

For a lot of people it has never crossed their mind, which is 100% okay. We are all different and appreciate different things.

I encourage you to stop and “smell the roses” next time you are in nature. Fully immerse yourself and take a deep breath in through your nose and release it out through your mouth. Even close your eyes if you are feelin’ it.

When I do this, I feel at peace. Everything in life will fall into place. Smile at strangers on the sidewalks and become the little ball of light that everyone gravitates towards.

These pictures are inspired by one of these moments. I was driving along and actually pulled over to play around with an old church that I thought looked neat, but as I was getting frustrated because none of the shots were turning out. So, I took a few steps back and stopped. I did a little pivot and went on a stroll – more like pacing if you will. I spotted this beauty with a fast as f**k squirrel (holy that boy can run) and it intrigued me. All the frustration was gone and the “artsy side” of me came out.

Do you find peace when you are immersed in nature? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to chat about it!

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Nature for the Soul

  1. To borrow a very wise phrase, “nature is therapy”
    It is simply one of the best equalizing forces out there to help bring everything into balance. You’re quite unique to have learned to appreciate that at such a young age.

    Your pics are incredible, as they have me staring and checking them in detail for a lot longer than I realize.
    Great work. Don’t stop.

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  2. Great post, Phoenix! Yes, you nailed it. Certainly there are exceptions, like during a bad storm, but yes for me nature is pure therapy as it seems to be for you. Maybe we are hard wired that way; who knows.

    Unfortunately, I have an office job too. Maybe that’s why I am having such a hard time with this social distancing. I used to get out almost everyday to journey somewhere for work. But I could look at the mountains, the sky, enjoy watching folks in the parks, etc. Now I find myself anticipating the weekend to at least get out to do some work on our property.

    The road is calling me for a photo outing, but I really shouldn’t travel out of our area.

    Yep, you nailed it. Outside is good for the soul.

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