O’Brien Beach| Quebec, CA

Hello friends,

This past fall I only went on a couple hikes, I know I should have done better, and O’Brien Beach (Plage O’Brien) was one of them.

Now I found this to be a nice hike for an easy going Sunday. Let me tell you, it is a very popular trail and that is most likely due to the level of difficulty, which is relatively easy, and the beautiful scenery. The fall time is always beautiful for hikes especially here in Ontario/Quebec; the foliage is insane.

**Also, side note, Nugget is here beside me farting and putting her tail on top of my keyboard… but all you can do is love them eh?**

Now, you probably look at this picture and go ah peaceful. No. No. It took me so long to take all of these pictures due to the amount of people on this trail. I was that person with the hyper 4.5 month old pup standing there with a larger than necessary camera just to get the one shot I wanted to get.

On top of the high amount of foot traffic I was dealing with, everyone was stopping to pet and ask about Nugget because she is the cutest fur baby ever. Don’t get me wrong now, I absolutely love that and it is wonderful for her to be experiencing so many strangers at that age. However, due to all of the commotion I was on that trail for probably 3-4 times the amount anyone else was! Good thing I love nature, my puppers and photography!

This particular fall weekend was gorgeous. The sun was shining and peaking its way through the clouds. I love when its partly sunny because a picture can look completely different one minute then the next. But let’s not kid ourselves folks, I love any weather, any sky, any place for photos. I love to find the beauty in everything.

Over the next little while, expect a wider variety of photos to pop up on here. I am wanting to open up to people photography as well as more architectural/industrial styles. My heart will always be set on nature/landscape and wildlife. Nothing beats that in my mind, but I am ready to explore.

Try new ideas.

Make mistakes.

Learn and expand.

I 100% stood in the same place trying to get this shot for a solid 20 minutes at least. I had a smile on the whole time watching little family’s admire natures beauty, people up top taking their time looking around at the ruins, and just in general trying to get a picture I was content with. It takes a lot for me to be satisfied with a picture. It is kind of a curse. I find the longer you take photos, the more it takes to be happy with one. However there is also a positive side to that, it makes you grow and become a more educated photographer.

I used to be terrified to bring out my tripod in a public setting with a bunch of people. Now I literally could not care less. I get stared at a lot, sure, but do I get pictures that I can sit back and appreciate? You bet your bottom dollar I do.

So while I was doing my thing, people watching, enjoying life and taking pictures, there was a cute couple waiting for me. I had no clue. They probably showed up half way through my mini photoshoot with this waterfall. I barley noticed them because I have learned to tune out a lot of things while concentrating. When I was wrapping up – meaning trying to not hardcore wipe out while balancing on these slippery rocks because Nugget kept deciding to go in the water and the come right beside me therefore getting water all over the rocks …. and also keep in mind the equipment I am carrying – the woman came up and asked me if I could take some photos of them. She said I looked like the best person for the job out of everyone here haha that made my day! I love when people ask me to take their pictures! So of course I said yes, asked her what she was looking for in the shot and we went from there. I was almost going to take them on my good camera and email them to her, but I decided to just settle with her iphone that time! haha

All in, it was a good adventure. I got to practice some different forms of photography and play with my tripod which I always enjoy! Plus out of the 300+ photos I took, I found a few that that I wanted to share with you guys!

Also, if you are new and are wondering who Nugget is, click here to read about my pup! 🙂

Which is your favourite photo? Mine has to be between the bottom two I think. I love reflection photos, but the second last one reminds me of Vermont for some reason. I have never been and am longing to go. Maybe fall of 2020? We shall see.

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “O’Brien Beach| Quebec, CA

  1. Love your photos! It sounds like a great day. Something that might help, pick up one of those cables with clips and you can wrap it around a tree and clip Nugget to it while you take pictures. We use one for camping and for doing yard work so that Bear can hang out with us.

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  2. Beautiful hike. If you were just hiking, how long would this trail be and where do you enter into the trail. I think I will try to do this one. Keep posting.

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