Stormy Marina

The wind blew

and she knew

there was no sun in sight

nothing was bright

it stung her skin

whipped her hair

nothing but the wind howling

dead silence everywhere

waves were crashing

boats were banging

and as the silence filled the air

she inhaled and knew

she was home


So … literally what came to my head when I uploaded these pictures. To go with the vibe, I then turned them into black and white and I truly love their outcome!

Let me know below what you think the meaning behind that poem is!

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Stormy Marina

  1. I’m thinking that what looks like a rugged and inhospitable part of the country, actually touches you deeply and is very beautiful. It’s where you feel “at home”.

    I can see why.

    Keep these coming, as they are captivating.

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  2. That is really beautiful, Phoenix! I loved your poem, and it did indeed fit your photos. The black and white was definitely the way to go here. I love using monochrome sometimes as it really adds a different mood. Great photos and a cool poem. I am so glad you are back. 😊

    Hey if you like monochrome, have you seen Leanne Cole’s work here in WordPress. She is an Australian photographer, and she does a lot in back and white. Check her out; you would love her work.

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