Little Miss Nugget

Hello Friends,

Todays post is a long awaited, I hope you are ready for it. Here is the story about the adventure of getting my puppy! Now I have wanted a dog of my own since I left home where my family dogs are. Growing up I always had a dog so it was quite different and lonely living without one. I went through a few years of no dog and well that has now changed!

One night I was having a few glasses of wine and I found the dog ads on kijiji…yup you can probably figure out where that went. Initially I was searching up golden doodles because I have wanted one for a few years now. If you ask my sister it is literally the only one I wanted! However, kijiji popped aussiedoodles into the recommended section. I thought to myself, what the heckin bob is that? I had never heard of that breed before.

As some of you might know, it is a mix between a poodle and an Australian shepherd. Two very intelligent and athletic breeds. Well, I clicked on the ad and these puppies were so adorable I thought to myself, “Oh you can go see them, there is no harm in that. You don’t need to get one!”…. that was all a lie and I knew it, however I went to see them anyways!

When I got to this lady’s house (about 1.5 hour drive) she had a herd (or I guess litter) of the cutest puppies I ever did see. There were so many of them they literally flooded my body.

So many paws;


So many little kisses;

So many wagging tails; and


So many playful barks and bites.


Then my little nuggs hopped onto my lap, sunk right into my chest, and gave me the cutest puppy dog eyes ever. She laid there for a good couple minutes (which is huge for a 6 week old pup) and always came back in between play fights with her siblings to see me. That is when I knew I was not leaving without a dog.

So I spent about an hour there that lovely Sunday afternoon. When I was leaving the lady asked if I had a favourite. I of course said “um yuppers, she is that cute one over there hiding under the car in the shade”. The lady asked if I had a name in mind and I said “Nugget”, and that was that.


No deposit required, she said she wanted to ensure everyone actually wanted the puppy and that it would go to a good home. She said I could come pick her up in a week. So, a week later I was officially a dog mom and I couldn’t have been happier.

This was supposed to be her starter/temporary collar, but currently she is still wearing it extended to the longest length it will go. Definitely due for an update! 
She was only 9 lbs when I brought her home! She fills out the bed a way more now! 
7 week old Nugget was a silky smooth baby. 7.5 month old Nugget fur is a different story! 

Moral of the story:

If you have a soft spot for pups, had a few glasses of wine, booked a viewing …. you are getting a dog. Once you lock eyes with a puppy cuddled up on your chest, it is a done deal.

Also, here is a current picture of her. Her looks have changed with all the scruff that comes with age! Don’t worry though, there will be more posts with her in them!

Nugget at 7.5 months old, giving me sass because I wanted a picture and wasn’t throwing the ball for her. Don’t worry though I threw it after….many, many times!

Do you guys have any pets? If so, how did you go about getting them?! 

p.s. Nugget is currently sitting beside me editing for me to ensure its all accurate.

Until next time,


17 thoughts on “Little Miss Nugget

  1. Beautiful little mutt. She has a junk yard dog look about her now, which is a super compliment. All natural.

    Reminds me of one of our family dogs. I
    Love it

    Great story, keep them

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  2. Hi Phoenix -Ray. I love your furry little friend here. If I remember correctly when you left the Bamff region for eastern parts, you had a pup then an Alaskan Malamute if I remember correctly. or not. Gotta love nugget there. Question, are you of the Cree nation? I am part Wyandot from the Ohio band, big turtle clan and we were later adopted into the Cherokee nation. You study nature, and I chase folklore, or Monsters. I was just reading a 1661 account of a Wendigo event in the Great lakes region that happened to the First nation people. I also read about a Cree Indian by the Name of Fast – Runner that was a horrible story, and the tribe killed him as he was a self claimed Wendigo but that was most likely what is deemed Wendigo psychosis. Anyway do you hear of such folklore when you’re out doing what you do aka exploring and meeting interesting people, any stories of Dogman, Sasquatch or Wendigo. thought I would ask you. I think the Wendigo sounds like the worst of them. Anyways thought I would ask. Take care.

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    1. Hey Brock, yes I moved out East almost two years ago now! On all of my adventures I have actually never heard any peoples stories about the Dogman, Sasquatch or Wendigo. I assume if I would stop and talk to more folks along the way I probably would hear some of their encounter stories!

      Always nice to hear from you!


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