Autumn in Ottawa 2018

Hello friends,

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Todays post is mostly based around the pictures you’ll see! Fall is quickly coming to an end here in Canada so I have been snooping around everywhere in Ottawa to try and find the best fall pictures.

Ontario has beautiful fall colours:

* Red




The places I have found to be stunning my first autumn in Ottawa, ON are:

*Major’s Hill Park

*Hog’s Back Park

*Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Out of those three I feel like Hog’s Back has been my favourite. I think I have gone back three times just to play around with my camera settings – its so relaxing to me. I completely lose track of time.


Two things I love are being submerged in nature and taking pictures. I find fall weather is the perfect time to do these two things. Its not too hot or cold yet and the colours are so vibrant. Like yes don’t get me wrong I love the vibrant greens in the summer, but there is just something about the beautiful fall colours that grabs my attention.


I kind of blame my mom for my love of fall colours. She always talks about mustard yellow and burgundy, which are now probably two of my favourite colours to find in nature as well as wear! haha But one of my favourite colours that will never change is a beautiful teal blue 🙂

Anyways, enough talk about colours haha just enjoy the pictures!


The leaves are quickly falling off the trees here. Soon we will be left with large brown twigs until the beautiful blanket of snow covers everything. I wish fall lasted longer – always have. However, we hit our first morning of below zero weather today and I would be lying if I said it didn’t get me thinking about Christmas already! I know I know, too soon!!

Do you have vibrant fall colours where you live? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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