Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk | Ottawa, ON

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Todays post will be about my time exploring the Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk in Ottawa, Ontario!


The Mer Bleue Bog is one of the largest bogs in southern Ontario. This type of landscape is more commonly found in the Arctic than in the Ottawa Valley, but we will take it! It is absolutely beautiful.

The conservation area of Mer Bleue is 33.43 km square, with the most amazing feature being the bog. The vegetation on this bog is vastly different from anywhere else in Ottawa – it is quite noticeable once you arrive!


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday when we went to explore the bog. We actually came across Mer Bleue on a different day while we were eating ice cream and looking up places to walk around Ottawa. We always end up going for walks/hikes in Gatineau, Quebec so it was about time we found more places in Ottawa!


The bog boardwalk was a stunning place to see – such a different feeling than all of our other walks we have been on. The boardwalk is in excellent shape too; people were able to easily push strollers down it.

There were many families at the boardwalk embracing the last few beautiful weeks of summer weather before fall really begins to hit. We are in the stage now where it is sweater weather in the morning, but come the afternoon you’re a sweaty mess!


The boardwalk is 1.2km long and has many information boards along the way to keep you informed about the ecosystem you are exploring. The posters were actually very educational!

In the Mer Bleue area, there are many other walks you can adventure out on as well. We actually went on another walk after this one since this boardwalk took less then an hour.


I love how when they made the boardwalk they made sure to disrupt the environment as little as possible.


The amount of cattails in this bog was surreal. It looked as if they went on for miles and miles and never ended. They were definitely taller than me in some areas too!

Our day started out with clear blue skies, but by the time we were done the walk they had clouded over. The type of cloud that still leaves it bright outside but no blue to be seen.


Playing with the cattails


And oh my you guys, I am sorry for all the frogs in my recent posts but they are just everywhere! Everywhere I looked when we were doing the boardwalk I spotted frogs then my boyfriend started spotting them too. No shortage of frogs in Ontario let me tell you that!

young frog

Here I actually caught a young frog growing in his life cycle and not fully matured yet. When I took this picture at the bog I did not realize that he was still in the growing stages. It was not until I was at home looking through my pictures I realized that he still had the little tail – too cute 🙂


The last little part of the boardwalk is in the forest near the bog and we came across this old dead tree. The tree was quite large as well. Looking up admiring the size of it we notice the fungus growing around the top of it. Pretty cool too see when the light shines through it.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend checking out this bog if you are in the Ottawa area! It was beautiful – like a little escape/vacation from Ottawa without actually leaving. Great for any age range too; I saw little babies there to an old couple just going for a stroll.

Have you ever been to a bog before? Let me know down in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk | Ottawa, ON

  1. Thanks for including the link with the bog info; that is so nice and informative. I don’t know if you saw my post last year, Scenes from Manitoba, but I went to Riding Mountain National Park. I hiked on a long boardwalk through a similar bog near Clear Lake in the park. It is the only bog I have ever been to, and it was interesting to see. Thanks again for the great story and photos.

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