A Once in a Life Time Opportunity | Ice Road

Hello friends,

I am sorry this post has taken so long to come out. Its almost as if I have been trying to hold onto this experience for myself. As if I share it, the magic will go away. However, today is the day where I write this for you, so we can all share this amazing experience.

This post will be the last part of my long Ice Road trip series. I will link all of the other parts below so you can read them if you are new!

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Holy! To be honest I didn’t realize there were so many! Anyways, lets get to today’s post!

I sit here today writing this on my balcony, drinking a cold one and listing to the whizzing traffic in the background. It’s overcast, with a light cool breeze making for a great outdoor office if you will.

The Ice Road trip was a short trip, thinking about how it was only 3 days in total. Most of this trip was spent in the car with my parents though… so you could say if felt longer then it was (love you guys lol).


If you have been following me for a while, and read a few of my past posts featuring my parents, you know that my mother loves cattails. So, of course what do we pass by on the way home? A massive field of cattails!


Casually my mom asks my dad to go get her some, and of course he does because by know we all know he will do anything for his bride (they have been married for a long time and he still calls her that – too cute). So there he is, in waist deep snow, examining the cattails and picking the best ones for her that he possibly could.

I have made my way out of the truck now to look around and take some pictures of all this action, when I look down and realize what myself and the heavy truck are standing on! Ice! Super cool , but equally still terrifying!


Shortly after we start driving again is when the magic happens.

A fox appears.


Graceful as can be, this little guy was absolutely stunning to look at and watch. I am so happy we (meaning my mom probably) spotted him. My dad stopped the truck and I got a few pictures. My mom asked him to back up because she thought she saw something else further back, but it turned out to be nothing, so we drove past this fox again. I asked my dad to stop, even though I already had 100 pictures of the little fox (no exaggeration).

I got out of the truck this time and walked a bit closer to the fox because it was farther away from the road now. My parents were both sitting in the truck like amazing people and being patient while I froze my butt off taking a hundred more pictures.

To me its all worth it if I get one good picture.


All of a sudden I start to notice that it looked as if he was hunting something under the snow. I have never been lucky enough to see any animal hunt in real life while I was standing so close before. It was literally like what they film on those animal documentaries.

I knew in the back of my head that I would probably not see any action since hunting takes a while, but I thought to myself just wait a few more minutes and see what happens.

Let me tell you, it was the best decision I have ever made in my tiny amature photography career.

So I will let these next pictures explain what I saw and then I will conclude at the end 🙂


Yes I know … Oh My God.

I caught this beautiful fox hunting! Holy crap was I ever awe struck. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! After his little action was over, I stuck around for about another minute or so; then I raced by to the truck with the biggest smile on my face ever. I started blabbering away to my parents, “Did you see that?! Oh my god did you?! It was so cool!!”.

They were like see what? When I finally looked out the window I realized their view was blocked the whole time by bushes! And I was so sad for them haha like oh my gosh they missed such an a amazing moment!

Once I finished showing them the pictures on my small display screen, we finished the drive home without anything too exciting happening – or else there would of been another post!

Anyways, lessons I have learned from this insane experience:

  1. Never take anything for granted
  2. Always say yes to road trips (even if you’re trapped in a truck with your parents for 3 days)
  3. Take your time and don’t rush, because amazing things happen with time
  4. Foxes are adorable

I hope you have enjoyed this little Ice Road series, I sure know I have enjoyed reliving it with you all. So many memories and pictures, and the best of all, amazing experiences.

Have any of you watched any animal hunt up close before? I would love to know!

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “A Once in a Life Time Opportunity | Ice Road

  1. You’ve got a great attitude and because of that you will have many more amazing experiences. The best memories are made when there is not some elaborate trip plan, but simply a casual road trip where you stop and just go “check stuff out”,…………. my very cool wife has finally taught me that after years of rushing. Here’s to exploration,……… 🙂

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