Making Changes

Hello friends,

If you’ve been following me for a while, or even looked back at some of my more personal posts, you would know I am passionate about protecting the environment. This is why I love taking an absurd amount of pictures of all the wildlife and beautiful landscapes I see. I do this not only to be able to look back on and remember the amazing trips and memories that came with these pictures, but to be able to spread knowledge about how amazing the natural environment is. The human race, let alone every other living organism on this planet, desperately needs the environment to be healthy.

I truly believe the “average Joe” can make a difference in the end. If everyone became more conscious of the waste they produce and how they dispose of it – the environment could become a lot healthier just from that alone.

Have you ever just stopped to think how much waste you produced today? How many things you threw in the garbage – maybe some of those “garbage” items could have been recycled as well. Do you ever consider not putting those 2 avocados into a plastic bag that will ultimately end up in our worlds oceans – and instead just placing them in your cart?

If you have never thought about your individual impact on our environment, hopefully this little blog will help you do so. Since before I hit double digits, I made my parents start recycling – way before it was even cool to think about the environment. I don’t know what clicked in little adolescent me, but it was for the better. Now my parents literally recycle everything they can and I could not be more proud.

I encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle the most they can. Donate old clothing, furniture, etc. to local charities instead of throwing out perfectly good items into the landfills – someone else will get use out of them and be thankful for your donation.

I have spontaneously been hit by my inner tree hugger and frog whisperer self when I heard it was World Oceans Day late last week. I thought it was important to spread the awareness about the disgusting amount of plastic that is found in the oceans these days. It just swirls around in the water suffocating the beautiful lives attempting to thrive.

Some of the most common types of garbage found in the oceans are:

  • Plastic bottles and bags
  • Plastic straws and utensils
  • Cigarettes
  • Beverage cans and disposable cups

These items are very dangerous to the species that live in our oceans. Next time you consider using one of these, think again.

If you would like more information about #WorldOceansDay then click here.

Spread the word guys, lets all try to be more conscious about are negative impacts on the environment. I will be sharing more posts in the future about how I change my daily habits to lessen my footprint on our beautiful world.


Until next time,


15 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. My boyfriend and I recycle and I use reusable bags as often as I can. Now that I have a yard I hope that I can start composting to give new life to food/yard waste.

    Great post.

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  2. When loafing thru Berlin some time ago I went to a normally not allowed zone for us humans, certain parts of Havel river shore blocked for nature protection. I was shocked to find there near the water line and reed zone an area covered with many many small plastic parts as a result of Winter’s higher water level. This river has quite clear water (much better than in the past) so I was deeply surprised about this incident. All the best @ Ulli

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  3. It’s incumbent upon all of us to do something important in our time on this planet. Very little could be more important than helping to save and protect the environment for future generations. You go girl!

    Very inspiring.

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  4. Thanks Phoenix! I loved the heartfelt approach. I have stopped using straws in my drinks at restaurants to just be one guy who isn’t adding to the mess. We do recycle quite a bit, and over the last few years we have changed out all of our home and office lights with LEDs or CFL bulbs. I also office at home, so I have zero commute. Been doing that since Jan 1, 2005.

    You are so right; if we can each just do something to help, we can make the planet better. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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  5. We recycle, I almost didn’t buy clothes for my son, we reused what people gave us, same for toys, and we give back too, other babies benefit from our things. At home, we separate the waste. It’s a preoccupation in the western world now, and it comes abruptly for the developing countries because they haven’t done their transition yet. They are still using fossil energy (we are too), all of our garbage goes there (televisions, washing machines, radio sets, etc.) and they are not equipped for recycling. This is a huge issue, and it’s good that everybody does as much as they can.

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