Traditional Dog Sled | Fort Chip

Hello friends,

I have seen a few dog sleds in the past, but they were always on the go. You only caught a glimpse – a few seconds of magic – and then poof! Off into the distance it goes, over the beautiful white snow.

However, I had better luck this time 🙂


On our way home from Fort Smith I made my dad stop at Fort Chip (about half way back) so I could pee haha if you’ve ever travelled with women you know we have small bladders! And I also like to stay hydrated! Anyways back to the dogs!

My dad was a bit of a grumpy pants at first because of course it would add like 15-20 mins to the drive and whatever else he could come up with. Now he thanks me for making him turn into Fort Chip because we got to see this! And not only see it, but we pulled over and talked to him about the dogs and everything! It was so cool.


The dogs were super cute too! I missed my dogs so much already (firstly because I only get to see them when I come home to visit, which is rare now that I am a legit adult – kind of 😉 – and secondly they were put in the kennel while we were on this trip so I didn’t even get to see them yet!) all I wanted to do was get down and cuddle with them – pretty sure I am not allowed to do that though!


So this guy here laying down is the leader of the pack. Anytime his master stops the sled, he is trained to lay down. So as you can see he was being a real good boy.


And a very handsome one too I might add 🙂


Now this one here was stunning as well. He has the rare gene, found in a few dog breeds, that allows him to have the beautiful mixed eye colour. I have always loved these eyes!



The guy was so happy talking about his dogs, you could feel the love he had for them. Just by looking at his dogs, they responded with the same amount of love for him.



Well that was my short and sweet post on the dog sled that we saw when we headed for a pee break! I had to make this separate from my next post because it will be the last one of my ice road journey and it is probably the one I am most excited to share with you all! It will be up soon!

If you haven’t read the previous parts of this trip click below:

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Was that a Lynx?!

Have you guys ever been in a dog sled before? I think that would be so cool to do one day! Let me know down below!

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Traditional Dog Sled | Fort Chip

  1. Thanks Phoenix! I have never seen sled dogs other than reading about them or on TV. That must have been really great. You have really nice photos of the dogs. Great animal portraits. 😉

    So I assume from the photos that the sled dogs were belonging to a local native tribe?

    Thanks again for the exciting posts about your ice road trip.

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  2. Those dogs are so beautiful, last time we went to the big Cabala’s sporting goods store, we take out little boy there so he can toss pennies in the face wildlife habitat stone creek and rock waterfall so he can make wishes. People bring their livestock and cattle dogs and companion’s pet dogs there sometime to buy their dog’s collars and pet sporting goods. One rancher family brought their Red Heeler cattle Dog. It was like a huge short haired rugged ‘Blue Heeler cattle dog. But rust red colored

    Last visit we passed a guy that had a very well behaved extremely beautiful Sheppard / husky mix, with Ghost blue eyes, (The awesome sexy eyes, the eye color of actress Cameron Diaz has), I swear it looked like a smaller thinner Cream White fluffy furred wolf. Beautiful dog it was. Hay is that you in the dog sled? 🙂

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