The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

Hello friends,

Today I bring to you the continuation of my ice road adventures! If you haven’t seen part 1 you can click here!


Alright so we left off right after lunch on the first day. We crossed back over the frozen stretch of water to continue north to Fort Smith, NWT. Still a very snowy day, but we were on the lookout for wildlife!

In this field, my mom spotted a fox, or something, moving in the distance. It was snowing too heavy for a good long distance shot, but eventually me and my dad both saw it! haha My mom has such good eyes for wildlife.


This part of the drive was definitely more stressful then the first half and I wasn’t even driving! The road was much more narrow and the scariest part wasn’t that we were driving on ice, it was the fact that now we were driving on winding roads through forested areas. Now it was beautiful for sure, however there are large trucks that just barrel down these roads, so you had to be careful coming around corners.



These pictures make the road look wider then it was! haha if you look closely though you can see that the majority of the tire tracks are all in the same spots and with the trees being so tall, you cannot see a thing coming at you.


After driving for sometime, we crossed over another frozen body of water. At this point driving on water in a loaded down truck is getting less scary haha


We could kind of see blue skies starting but it was still snowing constantly, which was fine because in the winter I love when it snows, but it also made it harder to spot wildlife!


These are the signs on the other side of the frozen water. As you can see, there are strict bridge rules to follow! Even if there are no police out here to catch you! However, I assume most people respect these rules seeing as it would obviously only hurt you if you were to speed on this ice and god forbid break through or something….


Oh and apparently this is also a public parking area, you know if you wanted to just chill and hangout here in the middle of nowhere for a while 🙂 We saw one car parked there and it seemed like it had been there for a while! lol Not a hot spot for hanging out I guess.


Anyways back into the bush we went! 172 km and we are in Fort Smith! woo lets go!

If you were driving normal speed we would have been there in no time haha funny story about this picture actually. I wanted to get the perfect shot (well as good as I could with what I was working with) and so I kicked a coffee cup out from behind the sign so there was no garbage in my picture. The fact that there was a random coffee cup laying on the ground out here really irks me though. Like who would think littering was a good idea instead of just keeping it in your car until there is a garbage can eh?


I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a winding road sign as well as the speed limit through here is 40 MAX! “Take er slow boys!”


By this time we are getting closer to our destination and our eyes were peeled looking for wood bison. We kept seeing all these tracks everywhere and then we saw this! A herd must have been all huddled up on this mound recently. Just seeing this was cool, but I wanted to actually see one!



When we got to this sign, my mom was like “take a picture because its the only one we will see” haha So I did thinking that she may be right.

And low and behold literally 2 seconds later we saw this on the side of the road. At first, we pulled over because there was a couple trucks pulled over on the shoulder and we thought maybe there was some bison in this valley area.

Well, I am sure there was, but not anymore! What you see in those two smaller pictures above are hunters and a bison….yup I am sure you can guess what happened here. Now it was a unique experience to see this but I still would of rather the bison been alive! They do use literally every part of it though, and one of these bad boys will feed a small village! It is extremely interesting to see different cultures, especially when its just a few hours north of where you live.


So shortly after seeing the hunters we reached our destination. Literally like the only hotel here haha The back of the truck was packed with snow from the road. My parents said that last year the entire back of the truck was covered with a good couple inches of solid snow. It stayed on there even after we opened the back up and closed it! haha

This night we had a lovely meal at the Chinese restaurant in our hotel. One of the few places to eat here. And they had vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce which was to die for.. just an FYI if you ever eat there 😉

I will be back soon to continue the story of this very cool trip so stay tuned!

Until next time,


10 thoughts on “The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

  1. Are you kidding, I seen on Ice Truckers those huge hauler high ball n’ through on those roads, I can’t image you driving those roads and having one roaring past you. Did you do night driving on those roads? And Yes I have seen vehicles brake through the ice and go under. Nope! No, no, no not me. Although they were pushing the crossings at the thaw season. but what would freak me out is having the vehicle shut down and losing the heat. Make sure you travel with a very good sleeping bag for if you get stranded. I almost died from Hypothermia and I have had the onset of frost bite, which is extremely painful when the ice crystals start to form in your skin, and when it thaws even. Its frightening and painful both of them to endure. I would travel with a 150 dollar emergency Satellite beacon / transmitter. Which you can rent in some mountaineer or sporting goods shops. I have seen some very tragic cases where car travelers have gotten stuck and died real quick, had even burned their car tires in hopes of getting noticed. A satellite transponder (used for skiing and for mountain climbing with ping your exact location, and get a plane over you. they will even divert a commercial jet plane to fly over and get a visual on your location and situation. something to really consider if you and your parents car travel in the wilderness and snow covered roads. Because things can get real desperate and life threatening real fast. and for 150 bucks its a life saver. most people do not consider owning.
    Great pictures. and that strawberry sauce on Ice cream sounds delish. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We didn’t drive at night on these road and that satellite sounds like a good idea! We had lots of warm clothing and the back of the truck was packed with blankets and other gear!

      Frost bite sounds very painful ☹️


  2. Very nice Phoenix! I really loved how your photos just took me right along with you. What I find hard to believe is that there is a nice hotel clear out there. Can’t wait for your next installment. And thanks again for all of the previous geography lessons and explanations. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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