17 Things 2017 Taught Me

Hello friends,

In today’s post I will be sharing a few things that I have learnt in 2017. This year was an interesting one to say the least. Some things did not go as planned, both a mix of better than expected and worse, but none the less it’s all life lessons.

  1. There are many stepping stones in life. Your first job won’t be your last, so just be grateful that you are employed.
  2. Everything takes time. You can’t rush anything in life. I can’t rush into an amazing environmental career just like I can’t make this blog blow up in a day. You need to work hard towards what you want and in time you will get there.
  3. Saying no is harder then saying yes. We have all been in situations where you don’t want to say yes, but saying no feels impossible. Well its not, so next time you want to say no try it out.
  4. Its okay to do things that scare you. Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary but amazing. It will do wonders for you. If I never broke out of mine, I would not have this blog today or be able to share it on facebook for my family to see.
  5. When in doubt listen to your little voice inside you, it probably knows what its talking about. Unless you have anxiety like me, then sometimes you have to ignore it and go grab experiences by the …. well you know 🙂
  6. Less friends = more.  I have never had a large friend group and I don’t need one. I love having a few close friends who are truly there for me.
  7. Don’t be afraid to do things by yourself.  This year I have really started to do this and it was challenging at first (and still is sometimes). I go exploring for pictures by myself and also edit/write in coffee shops alone. Now I am growing to love me time.
  8. You’ll grow as a person every year.  Its okay.
  9. Don’t judge people. Everyone around you has a story that you have no clue about.
  10. You are stronger than you think. Until you are pushed, you will never truly be able to know what you can handle.
  11. Don’t waste your energy on things you can’t control.  This is something I need to work on.
  12. Stop overthinking every little thing about your life.  Another biggie I need to work on, I have over thought way to much about my life so far. I am young and need to chill out.
  13. There are unlimited things to learn in life.  You are never to old to learn!
  14. Listen to your elders even if you just met them, they have some life experience that you don’t.  I have met some very intelligent people this year that have come into my life for one conversation and let me tell you, some things they have told me have stuck.
  15. You will never have your life perfectly worked out so just relax and enjoy the ride.  Go with the flow! Life is not perfect and neither are you!
  16. If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves you will never lose your shirt. (Love ya dad)
  17. Believe in yourself. It does not mater if everyone else believes in you, if you don’t, nothing will happen.


Let me know if any of these resonate with you and if there are any other things you have learnt in 2017 that we can add to the list! Leave them in the comments below 🙂

I hope you all learnt at least one thing in 2017 and that you can use it to improve in 2018!

Until next time,


31 thoughts on “17 Things 2017 Taught Me

  1. I agree to all of them. Specially 2016-2017 has been the most challenging phase and I have tried implementing, rather its apt to tell, I learnt to move without looking back yet take the lessons. Thank you for sharing…..

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  2. Love this list!! These are all great lessons learned. Sounds like you’ve had a pretty productive year and have grown a lot. Most of these are lessons I’ve either learned or have been reminded of repeatedly over the past couple of years. I will take some time to really reflect upon this past year over the next couple of days, but I can absolutely relate to the things on your list. Based on the knowledge I have gained over the past couple of years (and I am still constantly working on these every day), the best pieces of advice I could give to anyone are: learn to love yourself, trust your instincts, believe in yourself, relax and don’t take everything too seriously, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about you or says about you, step out of your comfort zone, keep an open mind, experience life by yourself, spend time alone (you will find out who your true friends are), learn to let go of the things and people that are holding you back, never miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel about them, realize that true happiness comes from within yourself, do what you love and love what you do, don’t be afraid to start up a random conversation with a complete stranger (you never know who you might meet), smile as often as you can, go out of your way to make others smile (a simple gesture could make somebody’s day, or it could even change their life), become the most positive person you know, never give up, and remember that the only person who can stop you from living your dreams is yourself… you can find a way to achieve anything you want if you try hard enough. If you fail, try a different approach, but don’t give up. You will find a way to make things work eventually. I’m 32 years old, and was already fortunate to live my childhood dream for 6 years. I’m in the process of chasing a new dream now. Chasing dreams isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. 😀

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  3. If there was a Nobel Prize for blogs, yours would be nominated. You are wise beyond your years. Keep growing and achieving. You will go as far as you can dream. ❤️

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  4. Great post. I can relate. One of my greatest weaknesses is not being able to not worry about things that I cannot control. Your post helps me to realize that I am not alone in that weakness. And yet it gives me inspiration to keep trying to improve. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  5. Important lessons. One I truly resonate with is doing things that scare you. I’ve never been one to let don’t hold me back so I often say I’m not scared of anything per se yet I take on seemingly impossible challenges and a lot of the time I surprise myself. It’s a truly amazing feeling. One of the best kind of addictions

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