Exploring & Heading Home | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

If you haven’t seen my previous Waterton posts click down below:


Todays post will be about our time in Waterton, Alberta (Canada) after the hike we went on in my previous post and then heading home!


Now, if you have never been to Waterton, like I have said before, you MUST go! It is so beautiful. Inside the town and all around it. We were absolutely amazed with the beauty of this place.


After our tiring hike we decided to head back into town and explore. And of course we had to stop and get some ice cream because it was so hot that day and it sounded amazing! We both got massive cones and devoured it all haha the ice cream place was packed too, so we knew it was going to be good 😉 If you ever want ice cream in Waterton I recommend Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour!


We went on a walk by the water once we were done. It was beautiful but boy oh boy do these mountains ever funnel in the wind! I thought we were going to get blown away!





Now this place was just as windy, but I wanted to stop because of the views. We must have stood up here freezing for a good ten minutes or so just taking it all in.



There was a girl here trying to take a good selfie for at least 5 minutes and I was getting so frustrated at her because I was freezing but I wasn’t leaving without a good shot with no people in it! Its not even like she wouldn’t be noticeable in the pictures either, because she was wearing bright red!




There is the little town where we just were!


Eventually I got a couple shots that I liked 🙂





Hope you enjoyed this Waterton series! I had sooo many pictures from just one day. I had to try and show you guys all of the good ones without it being overwhelming! haha

Until next time,


11 thoughts on “Exploring & Heading Home | Waterton, AB

      1. That grizzly was incredible the other day. Would prefer to be in a canoe seeing one of them. A very hot week here. Over 30°C every day.

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