Heading to Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about our first time going to Waterton, Alberta! Oh my gosh I cannot even explain to you guys how excited we were.

Firstly you all know I definitely had my camera battery fully charge for this day trip! If you have ever googled Waterton Lakes National Park and looked through the pictures, you will understand why we were so excited to go there for the day. It is absolutely stunning. It was 2.5 hours from where we love though (the very south end of Calgary), but totally worth the drive.


Look at the colour of that field! So vibrant I couldn’t even handle it. I am pretty sure I took these pictures while we were driving because I desperately wanted them haha just put the camera in sports mode and you are golden!



On the way to Waterton, we saw a look off point so of course we had to stop! The views from this look off were amazing. These pictures do not do it justice at all. The valley looked like it went on forever and the mountains in the back just looked like a backdrop someone put there! Too beautiful to be real!


But it is real, very real, and it is breath taking.



Thought I would attempt some close up photography of these beautiful flowers. I probably looked pretty funny trying to take these pictures, but I think they turned out decent!




These pictures are from the first pull out when you turned down the smaller road to go into the town of Waterton.


Its a nice lake with, again, a backdrop of mountains. I don’t think I will ever in my life get sick of going to places like this!




Well that was just a teaser post about the beginning of our Waterton adventure! If you want to actually see pictures from our hike (and maybe a surprise we saw!) then you need to stay tuned and subscribe to my blog so you get notified when I post!

Have you ever been to Waterton? Or if you haven’t, do these pictures make you want to take a trip there?!

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Heading to Waterton, AB

  1. Lucky you, to reside in such a beautiful place… Wow, I bet the migration arrival of Butterflies there is astounding, so beautiful and vast; I would be the one laying upon my back with my blue eyes looking skyward, lost in the vastness of vivid yellow. And I would never be seen, but for a thin long white string and 50 dragon kite floating a mile high. That seen reminds me of my youthful days of exploring the Western states of the U.S. and awesome hues of violet, of blue and yellow vast valleys of wildflowers of the Painted Desert.

    There is a place a small town I have always wanted to see images of, and the photos of a nearby ‘Mica Mountain. It was a most fascinating Female Sasquatch encounter / Observation and by William Roe who gave a sworn affidavit to her detailed encounter. “The Bigfoot Classics’ it known as the ‘William Roe encounter. (Sworn before H.W. Clark of the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, August 26, 1957. The town I would like to see, is: ‘Tate Jaune Cache’ / Roe’s encounter happened upon Mica Mountain. Always be done with your hikes, at least one hour before the Sun sets. First dark is when they come out and hunt for food and they scurry back into the forests and caves at dawn. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Your images captured of such vast open and lovely places as this are the best, soul reaching indeed, I believe I love best the vast open spaces and the yet the nearby Majestic Canadian mountains, the golden flowers of vast prairie, under the most vivid blue skies. But more so as I see you also appreciate the delicate and unique beauty of various species of flowers. What so many souls of people residing in too busy and fast paced cities take for granted. I could reside in such vast country as a Naturalist at heart or even in my future as a earthbound ghost. I do hope there will be more such images to come. Read you later.

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