The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

Hello friends,

Todays post will be from our drive out of Kootenay National Park and into Banff! This is where our big trip ended… sadly. At this point it was safe to say that we had an amazing trip. We did so many activities and hikes, and tried out a million new restaurants (some good and others not so much …). However, there comes a time on every vacation where you just want to go home. That time was now for us.

We were absolutely exhausted!



This day it was actually quite cloudy out. But it kind of made the mountains mysterious in a way so I kept getting my boyfriend to pull the car over whenever I saw a good photo opportunity!



Throughout the drive, as we approached Banff, the skies started to clear up and then we saw these beautiful more square then normal mountains! The most common drawing of a mountain is one with a peak at the top because that is what you mostly see. But these ones were something else! So beautiful!





The dusting of the snow and the beautiful trees lining the bottom of the mountain takes my breath away every time. I swear I could sit there and stare at them for hours. I saw the mountains today actually on my drive home form the grocery store, and more then ever did it make me want to go back there again. I have been to the mountains, especially Banff, way too many times to count, yet it still draws me back.




Here are those beauties again!


Well I hope you enjoyed re-living my summer trip with me. I know I sure did! I cannot wait until my next adventure!

Until next time,


27 thoughts on “The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

  1. How spectacular. Can only dream of wilderness like that from here. Our natural world is ancient and breathtaking though vastly different. I have long dreamt of hiking in Canada and seeing your wildlife. The rivers are what fascinate. I imagine a lot of territory could be seen by canoe.

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  2. Beautiful photos. Do you have any suggestions of what to see in the Banff – Jasper National Parks area? Will be heading up the Dawson Hwy next year and will stay a week in the Banff – Jasper area. Looking for ideas and beautiful places to explore. Thank you.


  3. I enjoy your posts. Your blog is always very much from your heart, and I love the photos. Thanks again for all you do, Phoenix. With all of the mess here in the US, you give me hope and happiness. I sincerely hope that Canada never follows us down this dark path. Stay true to your values and remember that the wild places we write about and photograph are beyond value to us and our posterity.

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    1. I as well hope Canada doesn’t follow the US at the moment. I have been told that a few times actually. I find I write as if I were telling a story. It definitely comes from the heart and my passion to share my adventure and love for this beautiful world we live in πŸ™‚


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