Foxes in Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about this beautiful fox I saw while we were driving in Kootenay National Park! This specific fox is called the Red Fox.

The red fox is a small, dog-like animal with red and white fur. The ears are prominent and you will notice that its tail is quite long and very bushy! It also has a white tip at the end of it. I love their tails because of how bushy they are. It kind of reminds me of my one labradoodle when we got her shaved and they left her tail all fluffy! haha


Such a beautiful colour on this little guy. We were driving down the road and of course on the lookout for wildlife, because they actually had sections of the highway that you couldn’t stop on due to a lot of bears in the area.

However, we were out of the “no stop zone” when I saw this guy! And I was soo excited I told my boyfriend “pullover pullover pullover!” and he finally did. By this time we were ahead of him. You could tell he was intrigued when we stopped and I popped out of my window to grab a few pictures. So he actually stared to walk towards us and then started a slow trot … and he got a little too close for comfort so we drove away! haha and he still followed the car for a little bit!


He was actually so beautiful in person I could not get over it. I was all giddy for the next 20 minutes of the drive.


I love this picture because it looks like he is smiling because we stopped!


DSC_3441 (1)

These are just a few pictures of the scenery along the way. Not the best mountain pictures, but I thought I would just add them in here so you can get an idea of the whole setting for the story!

Whats your opinion on foxes? Are you scared of them or think they are adorable?

Until next time,


18 thoughts on “Foxes in Kootenay National Park

  1. Great post, and yes Fox are beautiful, especially the White Attic as well as the Red Fox’ and I have only encountered then from afar, but if one approached me I would be vary couscous as to why it was, as they tend to keep their distance from humans.

    ‘Upon Youtube, This last Friday night was (Dogman Encounter episode 169) ‘It tried to Unlocked my Door! Was of a Canadian encounter where some workers were sleeping in their huge Truck cabs, were attacked at night by a huge Dogman which turned out being of more than one Creature stalking them in the Deep remote Canadian woods. It starts at 14:49 The Man is from Saskatchewan and they were working in the forests of Quebec, when attack at night. Have fun. 🙂

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