Exploring Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Today’s pictures are from part of our drive through Kootenay National Park. I absolutely love exploring new National Parks! I always think they will be the same, especially the ones between Alberta and British Columbia, simply because they are so close together, but that is not the case.

Each park has their own unique features and I love driving through them to find it. I have heard people say before that they would much rather fly from place to place even if it is only a few hour drive. Now I would rather fly if it is a very far distance away, but my parents, especially my mom, have taught me to really embrace the long drives of vacations.

Flying does not let you see nearly as much as driving does, however you do get a pretty cool aerial view if its a clear day! I won’t ramble on too much more though since I am planning on doing a post simply about flying versus driving on vacations! Let me know if you think you would be interested in a post like that in the comments below!

Enjoy these pictures, I know I sure enjoyed taking them … my boyfriend might not have though because I kept making him stop the car! haha







Do you enjoy exploring different National Parks or do you think they are all the same?

Until next time,


19 thoughts on “Exploring Kootenay National Park

  1. I’m listening to ORB (towers of Dub on U.F.Orb).

    I enjoy then immensely so’ I was very fortunate to have been raised exploring different states and different national Parks, old mining ghost town nestled up top of huge mountains with precarious rugged lone meandering dirt roads. When the truck is upon roads edge tire barely on and the camper rides out over and your face in to the window, you have the best seat in the house. I so love those Canadian rivers as do I those awesome mountains.

    ‘I am not one to say ‘come on next Image please as in rushing through, because my heart and mind immensely loves and appreciates the Mountains, forests, wild rivers and wildlife., it is all instilled within my heart ever, My favorite National Park and mountains are ‘The Grand Tetons’ (gotta love the French. lol.) :)’ / I have an interest in studying Cryptid encounter cases, of both Bigfoot (There various types of them; and Dogman, as I listen faithfully every Friday night at 8:00 mp PST- on You Tube to Vic Cundiff’s Podcast Dogman encounter show. He to date has posted 166 encounter stories of people calling in and he interviews those (Listens) as they tell of their frightening encounters. To marrow night it will be episode 167.

    ‘A new ep. Anyways there was a Canadian man that explores up there, and he got back up on the Ghost River in the Canadian Rockies and had a very interesting Dogman encounter. That was upon Dogman Encounter Episode (number) 99. On You Tube. I thought that I would mention that to you. Not sure if you have ever seen one or if that’s your cup of tea as in interest.

    ‘There were a few other Canadian encounters. Those creatures are all over and a lot of encounter over in Ontario, Canada, I have to check what episodes those encounters were told on by the eye witnesses up in Canada, with some sighting of the Dogman walking into the Cities (Ontario) at night.

    ‘They are Bipedal and frightening. There was a report handed down to an eyewitnesses grandson, his grandfather was a New York Police officer in 1911. And A Huge God man came into New York City, frightening people in the theater district, the creature was hostile and very irate, the City police ambushed it, shooting it and killing the creature. Then they do as they do in this day and age, block all access off to the Public, and hauled the carcass off. That event was reported in a New York News paper and was picked up and also reported in a New Orleans. (The U.S. city not New Orleans, in France.) News Paper. You can delete this if you wish too. Or keep it. Read you later and thank you so much for sharing the images. There is no other way for me to expearenced the awesome mountains and rivers and wildlife up there. And sharing of it all is a cool thing of you to do, to post a blog about your awesome wilderness. Read you later. ‘Brock’.

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  2. Canada would be a beautiful place to go into the forests in. Very different from here in Australia. Would be equally as beautiful outside of the cities. Both nations have the world’s most lucrative mining operations (domestic and offshore) and are the 2 biggest players for the supply of uranium. Both are wealthy and influential middle powers. Both these industries came in on top of very old and developed indigenous cultures.
    I love catching, cooking, and eating fishing when on the land. Canadian rivers and freshwater fish would be a dream.

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    1. The fishing is incredible. Many lakes can only be accessed through fly in. Maybe this blogger will do a flyin fishing trip to a trophy lake and post some great pics. Sharing the dream.

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  3. As people who have been through the Alberta and BC mountains, you really capture the essence of them. Yes. Love to hear your views on different types of travel. Keep on blogging.

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  4. Beautiful photos! Long rides make it really hard for my body and my hips get stiff, although I do try and opt for train or car rides to get from city to city so I can enjoy more of the scenery when I travel!

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