Knox Mountain Park Hike | Kelowna, BC

Hello friends,

Today my post will be about the hike we did in Kelowna! If you haven’t seen my first post on Kelowna you can click here so that you can have some background to this post.

Kelowna is absolutely stunning. I loved it there. It was so hot everyday we were visiting there, which was nice because a few days before hand we drove through a snow storm on the Icefields Parkway!! But that is a story for another day…

Anyways, this post is about Knox Mountain Park. This hike definitely ranges from easy parts of the trail to hard. However, I did not actually have good judgement of that because I had Mexican food and margaritas before hand in +30 degree weather!! So you could say I was not feeling the best and I kind of died on the way up … but I made it 🙂

You can take your dog on this trail, as long as they are on leashes. There are a few look off points on the way up, but the top one is the best by far. Don’t forget to look around while you are hiking instead of just focusing on your feet and staring at the ground because the views constantly change as you hike up further and they are all stunning.


Top of the mountain sights to see!


DSC_3226 (1)



Mid way up the hike now.



Views overlooking the city, about 1/3 of the way up the hike.


This is from the first look off point!

I strongly advise you not to do this hike if you had Mexican food and very strong margaritas before hand …. but I survived so I am sure you will too!

What hikes have you done in the Kelowna area?

Until next time,


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