First look at Kelowna, BC

Hello friends,

Today my post will be about my first time ever visiting Kelowna British Columbia!

Let me tell you, I fell in love with it the second we got there. Since I was young, I have always heard about how beautiful it was and all that jazz, but I never got to see it so I didn’t truly understand the extent of its beauty.

My boyfriend described it perfectly when we got there, “It doesn’t even feel like we are in Canada anymore”. I have never seen so many lush tree covered rolling valleys in my life. One day I hope to explore the entire province of British Columbia from top to bottom!

These pictures are from our walk along the boardwalk by the waterfront. Sadly when we were there they just had a flood so we couldn’t use the beaches, but there is always next time! We plan to go more in the actual summer next time, not the end of may!







Also next time we are definitely hitting up a winery because we did not have time for that on this trip 😦

Have you ever been to Kelowna? If you have been there, what are the best wineries to try?!

Until next time,


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