Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge | Revelstoke, BC

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from the Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge!

While touring around Revelstoke, we stayed at the Crazy Creek Campground. This campground was quite nice, with your own treed in camping spot as well as public hot pools! We definitely took advantage of those! It is just off the Trans-Canada Highway midway between Sicamous and Revelstoke, BC. A well kept campground and a good price as well!

So while staying at this campground we noticed that they had a sign saying suspension bridge. So we went and asked at the front desk, where you check in, and we payed for our ticket that night, planning to go in the morning. This suspension bridge is 240 feet high and is directly in front of some beautiful waterfalls. Once you cross the bridge, there are public washrooms, a little picnic spot, as well as a gift shop with ice cream!

Here are some pictures of it, obviously they don’t compete with actually being there!


The mist from the falls also produces this beautiful rainbow! I couldn’t help but snap a few pics!


A little friend trying to get our ice cream


Another friend…but he found a snack of his own. I don’t think the birds will be too happy!



It took me forever to get this picture because I was waiting for a mom and daughter photoshoot to end!


“Crazy Creek Waterfalls”



View of the Trans-Canada Highway


It’s a very affordable activity to do that is fun for the whole family! Have you been on it?

Until next time,


12 thoughts on “Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge | Revelstoke, BC

      1. Frosty this morning. Spring equinox in a couple of weeks…. near the new moon.
        Outer suburbs now… early morning coffee. In summer I hear cockatoos out here. One of my favorite birds. They can live to over 160 years old.

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