Exploring Revelstoke, BC

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from our time spent exploring Revelstoke British Columbia! I absolutely loved it there, such a beautiful town.

Revelstoke has a world class reputation for their historic mountain scenery as well as their large variety of outdoor activities. If your an outdoorsy and active person, I highly recommend exploring this place!







The next few pictures are from our drive up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway! This is a beautiful 26 km drive up a winding hill with many look off points along the way. It overlooks the city as well as gives you a breath taking view of the mountains surrounding it.

You will drive from a 470 meter elevation on the Trans Canada Highway, to 1835 meters at Balsam Lake! Sadly, we did not get to go all the way up due to it being early in the season and there still being snow on the roads, but what we did get to see was stunning! Definitely give it a go if you are in the area.




Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures, let me know if you have ever been to Revelstoke in the comments below!

Until next time,


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