Wapta Falls Hike | Golden, BC

Hello friends,

Todays post is about a short, but beautiful hike we went on in Golden called Wapta Falls. At the end of the hike you are at the bottom of this beautiful waterfall with a mountain drop background.

It is about a 1.5 hour hike (2.3 km) with a 60m elevation loss walking down to the falls, which you regain on your way back up so be prepared! The trail is in pretty good condition, but near the end it gets quite narrow, so watch your footing! Its definitely worth the hike if you are in the area.


A back drop of mountains always surrounds you in Golden.


This was at the mid way point, not quite the best view of the falls just yet!



Almost at the best view …


This was how the trail looked closer to the bottom of the falls. The forest floor was covered in moss due to the moisture from the mist of the falls!


Tada! A view of the falls from the beach down below. You can see the massive amount of mist in the air coming off of the bottom of the falls.



Well I hope you enjoyed this quick little extra post for the week. Let me know if you have ever done this hike, or others you have done in this area!

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Wapta Falls Hike | Golden, BC

  1. Hello, I have just took up following your Blog’ I have no WP or other blog at this present time’ as I am exploring where I wish to set my blog platform up. I am absolutely in awe of your Blog and imagery here, and must state that you are as fortunate to reside in Canada as I am in the Pacific North West of the United States throughout my lifetime which spans now just shy of six decades. In the 1980s for a few years between marriages I was living as Solo Amigo’ aka single and I lived just a short walk from the North shore marina.

    ‘So I kayaked beautiful Lake Coeur d’ Alene, and hided its forested shores quite a lot,its a spiritual cleansing thing, after living many many years in the concrete city. And I mountain climbed many of Northern Idaho’s mountains with my climbing partner. I always said Northern Idaho had huge beautiful mountains until I one day drove over the border above the Top of Idaho and caught sight of the Huge awesome snow covered Canadian Mountains. I was in awe, so I am going to take delight in exploring your awesome photos. And you blog. Thank you.

    Wapa Falls is awesome, and those Mountains behind, makes me so wish to be there.

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