Emerald Lake BC | A New Perspective

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from my second trip to Emerald Lake. You will see Emerald Lake all over your social media feeds. Its beautiful glacial water colour is to die for along with the mountains all around it. I personally love it there, and will never get tired of seeing it.

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park and got its name due to its vivid emerald water colour. There is lots to do there if you are not addicted to your phone or internet. I have stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge before and it is very peaceful and a true get away because you only can hook up to the internet in the main cabin where you check in.

There are many hikes to do from beginner to advanced and you can also rent canoes there, which is what we did for an afternoon last time we visited. This time we just stopped in during our trip to grab a bite to eat and admire the lake once again.

The first few pictures are from the Natural Bridge, which you can stop at on the road to Emerald Lake. It is also very beautiful and breath taking. The water in the pictures is not as vivid as it was last time we visited due to the foggy and rainy weather, but its still just as beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the pics!









Until next time,


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