Maligne Canyon & Malign Lake | Jasper

Hello friends,

Today my post will be about our hike in Maligne Canyon and our visit to Maligne Lake!

The canyon was a good hike. At times it was quite busy, but very accommodating for how hard and long you wanted to hike. There were multiple bridges you would have to cross throughout the hike and at any bridge you could simply cross and continue on the path or turn around and head back. There was signs up showing you how far to each bridge.

I found the hike quite rewarding. You hiked along the water through a canyon and at the end you saw an amazing view. On the way back we took the harder route, which was a skinnier trail that was higher up then the original one we took in the beginning. Lots of people had dogs, as well as kids on the trail so even if you are a beginner at hiking it is a good one to do!



Here you can see both Patricia and Pyramid lake in Jasper! I love that Turquoise colour of the water!


The view near the end of the Maligne Canyon hike!



A beautiful lake we passed on the drive from our hike to Maligne Lake. You can see how there was a wildfire here in the recent past due to the black mountain on the right of the picture. There was actually quite a bit of burnt trees throughout our drive this day.


Views of Maligne Lake. The lake was still half frozen when we were there, and there was also a lots of people on the docks, so I couldn’t get any nice shots of the entire lake. But definitely something to come back to in the summer time because they do boat tours and everything!






On our way back from stopping at Maligne Lake we saw a small groups of elk, so obviously we had to pull over! All of them were tagged, which is quite normal for animals in National Parks. You can see the collars, especially in the last picture. These collars are used by wildlife officers and researchers to ensure the animals are living a healthy life and continue to do so for the generations to come.




Let me know if you have been to Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park in the comments below!

Until next time,


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