Calgary Stampede 2017

Hello friends,

As most of you know, the Calgary Stampede has just ended. The Calgary Stampede runs from July 6 to the 17th. It is insane and jam packed with fun things to do. There is a million and one food trucks, which are delicious and very cool looking, many rides, a big petting zoo, drinks, music, games, shows and much much more!

This year was my first time going because I have never been in Calgary during the Stampede before, but now that I live here I felt obligated to head downtown and see what all the hype was about! The crowds are massive, but it is an experience I feel that everyone should have. What I will say though is bring lots of cash because you will blow through it quite quickly! Parking was $40!! However, now i know that taking the train to the event is much cheaper then paying for parking…rookie mistake.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures of all the people, food and fun that was the Calgary Stampede!


This lemonade was $7 but totally worth it in the +30 degree weather! So refreshing!


Views from the top of some random staircase.



Insane rides I did not try…. maybe next time…



Fun Fact: they were having a pizza eating contest at that pizza stand… I bet they felt sick after eating so much pizza in the hot weather!



Obviously had to check out the kids section!


A band was playing out in the middle of everything! They were so good!



The Colossal Onion! So good!


Coring the onion for us


Finished product!!


Cherry Coca-cola soft serve?!


This was absolutely amazing! Dole pineapple soft serve!


If I wasn’t stuffed from everything else I ate that day I would have definitely tried some of these !

Let me know if you went!

Until next time,


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