Beautiful Lakes of Jasper

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from Jasper National Park in Canada! If you have not been to Canada, let alone their national parks, I really urge you to go explore them! Even if you are not an outdoorsy person, the sights to see are still beautiful and some of the main tourist attractions are easy to get to by vehicle!

The main national parks  in Alberta that people visit are Banff and Jasper. They are very well known for their beautiful rocky mountains and delicious chocolate stores. The busy one of the two is Banff by far. If you are looking for a touristy place to visit with lots of incredible scenery and cool stores then that is the palace for you!

However, if you are looking for good hikes and wildlife with fewer tourists around, then hit up Jasper. Banff has good wildlife and hikes too but there is a million tourists there during the summer months (peak tourist season).

In Jasper, there are two lakes very close to each other, Pyramid and Patricia Lake, where you can do an hour walk around them. Pretty flat walk on a paved trail so it is nice and easy! The scenery that you see is beautiful, and the lakes actually have beaches too if you want to bring your bathing suit to tan because the glacial water may be a bit chilly!

Hope you enjoy the photos, and let me know if you have been to either of these lakes in Jasper down below!











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