An Abandoned Island Cabin

Hello friends,

Last summer, 2016, I found an abandoned cabin on one of the islands we boated out to in the Great Lakes, Lake Huron to be exact. I thought it was completely fascinating to be able to just show up on an island while taking a fishing break and find this cabin. It obviously looked run down and all, so we knew no one lived in it.

Walking up to it my heart began racing…I knew it was abandoned so I don’t know why I was scared to go inside. Maybe I was just really excited. Anyways, when we got inside there was old remnants of  bedding, tables, chairs, etc. The more we walked around inside the creepier it got. There was two rooms along with the main room that you entered. All I could think of when I was walking around inside were scary movies I had seen where there are abandoned cabins involved!

The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I thought that they have a cool story behind them so I should share them with you all!


I think the cabin was called Summit because they had that word spelled out in lights on the front.



I know the saw was used to cut down trees for firewood, but it still creeped me out!


Let me know if you have ever encountered any abandoned buildings and if you have dared to enter them 😉

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “An Abandoned Island Cabin

  1. we own an old silver mine claim in Colorado and when we visited it, all that remains of the original miner’s log cabin is an old iron stove, too heavy to be moved. But then I think of the effort to bring that stove up the steep slopes, it’s the perfect juxtaposition of man, nature, and almost impossible tasks.

    So many great stories of history to see and learn – people like you and me caught in moments of great opportunity or loss.

    good luck with your blog.

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