Up Close and Personal

Hello friends,

One thing that I love about photography is that it is a very broad field. You can take your camera anywhere and get good content…doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or out in the middle of nowhere.

One particular field I would love to improve on is close up shots of animals. The only thing is that it is very hard to get close to animals without spooking them off. Or you just have to lay there and wait for some to walk by.

These are two shots from a hike I did this past summer in Ontario at Bride Veil Falls  (I will have more pictures showing the actual area soon!). The first one I got was the frog. My mom actually spotted it and pointed it out to me so I could get a nice picture of it. The second one is of the squirrel. With this one, I was actually laying on my back on the other side of the trail trying to get a cool picture of the tree roots when a squirrel came and joined me! It was very cool and I got quite a few shots before it ran off.



This just shows that picture opportunities can come at any time so always have your camera!

Until next time,


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