Snow covered trees | Banff

Hello friends,

Ever since I can remember I have always had an obsession with snow covered trees. It wasn’t until I moved away from my hometown that I realized the snow doesn’t stay on trees everywhere and that I was actually quite lucky to be able to grow up with snow covered forests in the winter.

Here are a few pictures of snowy trees in the high mountains of Banff Canada.





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2 thoughts on “Snow covered trees | Banff

  1. Oh my’ Why do you not have a million likes upon this post? Obsession with snow covered trees indeed’ I loved to go off on self adventures into the Coeur d’ Alene mountains, solo snow shoe the mountains, and stop to watch the migrating eagles come to Fernan Lake by the Ranger Station and watch them rest in the snow covered fir and pine trees around the vivid blue lake, diving for Lake trout which would roll to the surface for insects. Oh how I miss it there. One of my Daughter and Grandson life there still as that was where my daughter were born. If people really understood what it is too reside in such awesome beautiful nature that would greatly appreciate these images as much as I and you do? Wow, I just want to view these images for a bit. Thank you for sharing them and you truly do reside in the most beautiful region of Canada. 🙂

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    1. Yes I know I’m obsessed with snow covered trees too! I love living in Canada. A few months ago I moved to Calgary so now I am only an hour away from the mountains and I can see them in the distance when I drive in town all the time! Such a beautiful creation from Mother Nature


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