Banff Gondola Ride | Part 1

Hello friends,

Today I wanted to share my experience on the Banff gondola ride. Its just a short drive away from downtown Banff and such an amazing experience. The gondola can sit four comfortably, has a 360 degree view or all the amazingness around you, and it takes you up to 2,281 m (7,486 ft) above sea level! Even though you are inside the gondola going up, dress for the weather. Especially if you go in the winter like I did, because once you get to the top there is an amazing 2 km boardwalk that takes you to the peak of the mountain!

A camera is a definite must.

There is so much to do once you get to the top as well. I was blown away by the ride up, but you’ll be even more in aw once you arrive. The building you go in at the top has a gift shop, a restaurant (fancy and casual), a small movie area where you can watch a 5 minute informational movie about Banff, cool displays set up, and the best is on the top floor where you get an incredible view of everything. There is also a 2 km boardwalk that takes you up to the top of the mountain with an amazing view. You can see the town of Banff from here as well! The boardwalk is lovely, all wooden and taken care of. There are benches along the way and different points to stop and look out at.

Overall, if you go to Banff the gondola ride is a must. Any season you go it will be amazing. Here are some pictures of the actual building at the top. Soon to come will be pictures from all the different look off points!


This is the peak of the mountain you will get to if you do the 2 km boardwalk. I warn you, it gets windy and cold up there so dress warm! The building at the top there is actually pretty cool, you can look inside through the windows and its a little cabin set up.


You can see the little building again, but you can also see the boardwalk if you look closely.


Canadian pride right here 🙂


This picture was taken from the boardwalk and that is the building you arrive at when you get off the gondola.


Closer view of the building. Here you can see the top floor balcony allowing for a 360 degree view of the mountains. They also have binoculars up there you can use.


Hope you enjoyed the first half of the pictures from my experience here and are looking forward to part 2!

Until next time,


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