Cheers to 2017

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful New Years… I know I sure did. 

I was in Calgary and Banff to celebrate it. Took a 6 day trip with my man of now 4 years. Don’t worry, pictures are coming soon! 

I just wanted to write a quick post about New Years resolutions. Many many people make a resolution that they will never follow through with or ones that are unattainable. A New Years resolutions should be something that you truly want to happen in the next year and are willing to make the necessary changes to achieve it. 

My resolution is to love myself. This may sound very silly to most people, but it is something I truly have to work on. I’ve never been happy with myself and because of that I can’t live my life to the fullest or be as happy as I should be. I am not a confident person at all and I pick myself apart. I am also a very anxious person, which I am going to work very hard on changing because it is not fun at all. It makes doing many everyday activities, as well as spontaneous ones, hard to do. Being more spontaneous and social is a challenge for me but I am going to do my best to slowly change and improve. 

Let me know your New Years resolutions in the comments if you care to share and I hope you have a happy new year! 

Best of luck in 2017, 


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