Spanish Marina, ON Canada

Hello friends,

I grew up an Albertan girl and Alberta will always be home in my heart. My parents both grew up in Ontario though, so we would go back ‘home’ every summer for July and August to spend it with our relatives. When I was a kid I never wanted to be from the town I was born in, weird I know. Its because everyone else was from a different town and I almost felt boring living in the same town I was born in I guess…kids are weird. Now I embrace it though!

Anyways, back to the meaning of this blog post. When we visited Ontario every summer the Spanish Marina was only a 20 minute drive from our camp in a little small town with only one stop light and no grocery store. We use to go to the marina in Spanish and eat breakfast and then walk up the massive stair case to see the big windmill, which is now out of service (sadly). We thought it was the coolest thing ever and I still do. I love walking up and down the docks looking at all the amazing boats people have there. Lots of large sail boats that had the coolest names printed on the back.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from this marina because it is the only real marina I have been too and I know its small, but to childhood me it was ‘the shit’ haha


This first picture is my favourite. It was taken when I was just starting out with my new ‘fancy’ camera. I loved the boats and how their reflections showed in the calm water.


This is taken from the first stair case on the way to the big windmill.


At the top of the big hike up the millions of stairs! Such a beautiful day at the entrance to Lake Huron.


The waters were so so calm on this day. That is when you know it is the perfect day to go out into the big water (Lake Huron), as we use to call it when I was a kid….who am I kidding, we still call it that! I love every moment out on these waters. I have been going out on them since I was a young duckling and I hope to carry this tradition on when I have kids too… in many many years though!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and the few pictures; they really do this place no justice. It is beautiful and hopefully us humans keep it that way. I really suggest visiting any of the great lakes because they are truly a wonder of the world. People from everywhere come here and I use to always take it for granted having them a 20 minute boat ride from my camps dock.

Until next time,


One thought on “Spanish Marina, ON Canada

  1. I’ve been going to that part of the great lakes for most of my life and agree with you that words cannot describe how beautiful and peaceful this spot is. Hope to read many more posts from your adventures in this amazing place.

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